Pre-Trip Approval:

Pre-trip approval processes are some of the most difficult to manage for a corporate account. There are very few contingency plans in place with respect to what should happen when an approver is not available, or how to deal with approvals for online reservations. The Pre-Trip Approval Module can handle virtually any scenario a client may have. Approvals can be configured to work from booking creation time or cost of trip. The module provides for up to three escalation email addresses and can be configured to send reminder emails to both the traveler and the trip approver at a customizable time interval. The approval process is enabled by an emailed itinerary with a link to approve or decline the trip. The auto-ticketing process is suspended until the trip is approved. Records pending approval are held for 24 hours, sending reminder emails, and are automatically cancelled if no action is taken. Once the trip is approved, auto-ticketing takes over and the trip is ticketed with zero agent input.