Reservation Quality Control and PNR Finishing:

As corporate clients become more demanding with respect to the data they need to see around travel spend, the responsibility is placed on the agent to make sure the record is well documented in order for the data to be properly captured and displayed. Unfortunately, these tasks also place a burden on the overall productivity of the agent. The QC / PNR Finishing module takes that burden from the agent. Not only does the module do the standard segment continuity checks, it can be programmed to perform specific checks based on account code or agent ID. PNR finishing is highly customizable. It can be used to perform tasks such as:

  • Add the airline record locator to each air segment as an associated remark for online check in purposes
  • Add frequent guest numbers as associated remarks as a confirmation step
  • Add the hotel cancellation policy to the reservation
  • Queue the reservation for processing by third parties, such as a flight monitoring service ,based on account code
  • Queue an upgrade request from an online booked reservation to an agent for processing
  • Submit the record for pre-trip authorization

This menu of functionality options can be configured by virtually any PNR element.  With this feature, you can provide the documentation required by each account without placing the onus on the agent to do it the same way every time, but differently for each account.