Profile Management:

The foundation of this suite of products is the online Profile Management System that puts the control of this vital customer data where it belongs…in your hands. Profiles can be accessed and managed by the traveler, or by the travel agency, via a web interface. Profiles are synchronized with the GDS, with Apollo TravelScreen support, if on Apollo, in a standard format defined by the agency. In addition, the Profile Management System synchronizes with online tools such as such as, Concur Travel, Certify Travel, and Get There, without the need to separately define and manage the profile in the online tool. Each profiled traveler then uses a single web interface to manage their profile, view their unused tickets, or book travel online via a single sign on pass-through link directly from their profile. The traveler only needs to remember one web address, one username, and one password to access all of their travel services. If the account changes online booking tools, the Profile Management System can build profiles in the new system and redirect the pass-through link to the new tool with no modifications at the agency or account level other than training on the new booking tool.