Bridging the gap in travel technology:

Within the travel industry there is great need for affordable automation and standardization in the reservation process. However, the technology products that are on the market today become cost prohibitive for the average agency when you factor in the substantial subscription and maintenance fees, as well as the per transaction fees.

In 2006, a regional travel management company reached the conclusion that the available technology was too costly. They brought these functions back in-house and began automating repetitive business processes, freeing up highly compensated travel agents to concentrate on selling instead of spending their valuable time “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s“.

Because of the success of this automation within the agency, it was decided to offer the technology to other agencies and so an independent software solution company, Agency Technology, LLC, was formed.

Agency Technology, LLC provides an affordable option with reasonably priced subscription fees and no lengthy commitments, making it the most attractive alternative in today’s market. A solution created by a travel management company for travel management companies