Unused Ticket Tracking:

Any person associated with the travel industry can attest to the fact that tracking and reporting on unused tickets can be one of the more labor intensive jobs at any agency. The Unused Ticket Tracking Module takes the manual labor away from this task. Our software constantly monitors your unused ticket queue and instantly logs unused tickets, providing virtually real time reporting for your agency and your customers. If you use a custom check solution, the software can make entries in your travelers’ profiles. All reporting is done via web interface, and, based on your agency requirements, can be made available to your profiled travelers and travel managers.

The software reconciles the GDS against your back office system, flagging those tickets that have been exchanged, documenting the new invoice number, new ticket number, exchange agent, and any change fees. In addition, once a ticket has been exchanged the software will update the lines from the profile. It also checks all tickets issued by your agency, catching any records that have been cancelled, but not queued, closing the circle and providing the complete solution in unused ticket tracking for your agency.