Itinerary Management and Creation:

It seems these days that each account wants their itinerary to be customized. Our Document Delivery module allows for the agency to send an itinerary email to the customer in several formats. Each itinerary can be sent in HTML or Plain Text formats, and all contain a PDF version as an attachment. In addition each flight segment is fully documented and attached to the itinerary as an iCalendar/vCalendar compliant appointment file, compatible with popular calendaring tools and devices. These items can be added to the traveler’s calendar without the need for a third party software installation.

Itineraries can be customized at the account code level and/or the pseudo city level, allowing for changes in logo graphics, font size and font style, as well as background and foreground colors for personalization. In addition, each itinerary is saved in our data center at the time of generation, providing a trip history for every PNR.